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Mickey & Michelle are an Australian harp and fiddle duo who seamlessly blend contemporary folk and jazz together in a rich, unique style of their own.
Their 2019 debut album ‘A Walking Pace’ perfectly showcases the duo’s intricate sound and unusual combination of styles.

Michelle was born into an incredibly musical family and has been performing professionally from the age of 11. Since then she has gone on to perform with the likes of Paul Kelly, Shane Howard and Fiona Ross. Her compositions on this album are deeply rooted in Celtic music while also balancing her attention to detail and nuanced phrasing from her classical studies.

Mickey on the other hand developed such a passion for jazz and his playful improvisations are ever-present in his original compositions. He also takes great delight in reinterpreting traditional Americana tunes with jazz harmony and Afro-Cuban polyrhythms.

The dynamic duo have returned from their most challenging adventure yet; a 6 month tour on foot of NZ’s 3000km ‘Te Araroa’ trail. Mickey & Michelle are excited to share their experiences and music in their home country.

Mickey & Michelle

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