25, 26, 27 October

Festival Tickets

Bookings for the 22nd Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival 2024 will be available early 2024.

Please view information about our tickets below.

Dorrigo comes alive with three days of acoustic concerts, workshops, dance, jamming, impromptu performances and children’s entertainment. Featuring some of the very best performers in the Folk, Bluegrass and Old-Time genre.

The Festival Event Site is drug, alcohol, pet, bicycle and plastic free. The Camping Grounds are pet free and bicycle free. Assistance Animals are welcome upon request.

By purchasing a ticket to the Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival the purchaser agrees to be bound by the Terms & Conditions below.  Please note that the NSW Covid guidelines in place at the time of the Festival will be followed.

Ticket Terms & Conditions

  • Tickets can be pre-purchased online through the Festival website. 
  • Tickets will be available until sold out.
  • Each pre-purchased ticket issued has the name of the ticket holder printed on the ticket. Please bring either your printed ticket receipt or your ticket receipt on your mobile device to be scanned. You will then be presented with a wristband at the Festival. Valid Photo ID must also be presented. 
  • To enter and remain on the Festival site every person must be in possession of a valid wristband.
  • Once a valid wristband is issued a person is able to go in and out of the Festival site for the duration of the weekend.
  • If purchasing a Youth or Child ticket, you may be asked to present ID i.e. student card, Drivers licence when receiving your wristband. Under 18’s need to be accompanied by an adult. 
  • Lost or damaged wristbands will not be replaced by the Festival.
  • Tampered with wristbands will not be accepted as a valid ticket.
  • The Festival will not be liable for any injury, illness, damage or loss that occurs during the Festival.
  • The Festival takes no responsibility for personal belongings lost, damaged or stolen within the Festival, Camping and Parking Sites.

The Festival reserves the right to refuse entry to any person who:

  • Is unable to produce a valid ticket.
  • Seeks to gain entry to the Festival with a duplicate of a ticket that has already been presented at the Festival Ticket Office.
  • Produces a ticket purchased or obtained from an unauthorised source or through illegal means. 
  • If a person is found on the Festival site without a valid wristband, the person will be accompanied to the Festival Ticket Office or evicted from the Festival.
  • Is in possession of and refuses to surrender any prohibited or illegal object. 

Youth and Children: 

It is the responsibility of the relevant parent/guardian to ensure that any ticket holder aged under 18, for which they are responsible, complies with these Terms and Conditions.

  • It is the responsibility for the responsible parent/guardian to ensure that any ticket holder under 13 remains in their care and control while at the festival. Children are NOT to be left unsupervised. 
  • The Kids Programme is not built on a Child Care structure. A parent/guardian must remain present during any Kids Events with their minors.
  • Any responsible parent/guardians must remain contactable via phone at all times during the festival. It is suggested that all responsible parents/guardians write their mobile number on their child’s wristband.
  • Any breach of these terms and conditions by a ticket holder aged under 18 may result in the eviction of the parent/guardian and all accompanying minors from the Festival site.

To help us make the Festival safe and enjoyable every person must: ·

  • Comply with the rules set by Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival incorporated.
  • Follow instructions on any permanent or temporary signage in the Festival and Camping sites.
  • Not engage in loud or intimidating behaviour while in the Festival and Camping sites.
  • Follow directions from Festival security and volunteers.
  • The Festival reserves the right to refuse entry to, or evict, persons who behave in manner that is illegal, threatens the safety of a person, interferes with others’ enjoyment of the Festival or is considered to be inappropriate or offensive by Festival Management.

Refund Policy:

DF&BF will hold all details of the purchased ticket and the ticket holder and will defer the ticket to the festival held in the following year.  The grounds on which we will defer a purchased ticket are the same as refunding. 

  • Subject to the exceptions set out in this policy, the general policy is that tickets purchased are non-refundable.
  • The organisers reserve the right to change the programme as required by circumstances and conditions at any time without notice.
  • DF&BF may approve a refund on compassionate grounds when exceptional circumstances such as injury, illness, family bereavement or misadventure render a person who has pre-purchased a Ticket from attending the Festival.
  • A person applying for a refund on compassionate grounds should clearly set out the relevant unforeseen circumstances in writing to the DF&BF and provide supporting documentation as relevant. As a general rule, the earlier an application is made after the unforeseen circumstances, the greater the likelihood a refund will be approved. Refund applications MUST be accompanied by the Ticket purchase receipt issued to the applicant.  If you wish to defer your ticket on compassionate grounds please email ticketing@dorrigofolkbluegrass.com.au within 30 days of the completion of the relevant festival.
  • In order for a refund to be processed DF&BF must receive the following items by email to ticketing@dorrigofolkbluegrass.com.au within 30 days of the completion of the relevant Festival: – a statement outlining a valid reason for requesting a refund and a copy of the Ticket purchase receipt in the applicant’s name with any relevant supporting documentation.

2023 prices:

Full Weekend Adult
Adult 27th to 29th Oct 23 – 3 Days
Full Weekend Youth
Youth (13 -17) 27th to 29th Oct 23 – 3 Days
Full Weekend Child
Child (4 – 12 ) 27th to 29th Oct 23 – 3 Days
Friday Adult
Adult 27th Oct 23 (Start 5:30pm)
Friday Youth
Youth (13-17) 27th Oct 23 (Start 5:30pm)
Friday Child
Child (4-12) 27th Oct 23 (Start 5:30pm)
Saturday Adult
Adult 28th Oct 23 – Day/Night
Saturday Youth
Youth (13-17) 28th Oct 23 Day/Night
Saturday Child
Child (4-12) 28th Oct 23 – Day/Night
Sunday Adult
Adult 29th Oct 23
Sunday Youth
Youth (13-17) 29th Oct 23
Sunday Child
Child (4-12) 29th Oct 23
Sunday Afternoon Adult
Adult from 2:00pm 29th Oct 23
Sunday Afternoon Youth
Youth from 2:00pm 29th Oct 23
Sunday Afternoon Child
Child from 2:00pm 29th Oct 23

All ticket prices are GST inclusive.

We hope you enjoy your festival experience!

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