25, 26, 27 October


Billet Host applications for 2023 are now open!

Do you have a spare room, bed or mattress and would like to make our performers welcome?

Our performers really appreciate connecting with the locals and having a comfortable place to stay.

Please fill out the 2023 Billet Host application form so that we can match you with performers that need a place to stay!


  • Billeters will receive 2 Full Weekend Tickets as a thank you from the DF&BF.
  • We don’t expect Billets to feed performers but we do encourage a shared meal at some point during the stay to make the weekend more homely and welcoming for the musicians.
  • While we ask for Billets to provide the musicians a comfortable stay during the Festival, we also want you to be comfortable so please approach us with any questions and concerns.
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