25, 26, 27 October


Billet Host applications for 2024 open on Thursday 11th April!

Do you have a spare room, bed or mattress and would like to make our performers welcome?

Our performers really appreciate connecting with the locals and having a comfortable place to stay.

Many of our festival performers travel a long way to perform at the Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival, and stay for the duration of the Festival.  A number of them are happy to camp onsite at the festival however, this option is not practical for all and so we ask our Dorrigo community to open up their homes and help us provide a home away from home for many of our performers. We greatly appreciate your hospitality!


  • Billeters will receive 2 Full Weekend Tickets as a thank you from the DF&BF.
  • We don’t expect Billets to feed performers but we do encourage a shared meal at some point during the stay to make the weekend more homely and welcoming for the musicians.
  • While we ask for Billets to provide the musicians a comfortable stay during the Festival, we also want you to be comfortable so please approach us with any questions and concerns.
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