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Two amazing tunes written for Dorrigo are taking the world by storm

Bridget and Angela were blown away to first hear both “Dorrigo” tunes at the IBMA in Raleigh, NC in 2018. It has been so surreal hearing two such amazing musicians playing these tunes.

David Benedict was at the 16th Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival with Bluegrass band Mile Twelve in 2017. Find David’s “Dorrigo” on his solo album ‘The Golden Angle’.

“It feels as though David Benedict is on a quest to capture our ears from the moment he has our attention, bringing forward the swanky “Dorrigo” as an introduction. More a high-five than a handshake, “Dorrigo” is full of personality in its mandolin trills and spinning melodies. Little fragments of frantic riffing propel off each other as runners in a melodic relay. Like fuel at our fingertips, it leaves us ready to dive head-first into the album.” From Folk Radio by Sarah Belclaire

Written in 2012 on a Dorrigo porch during the Festival, George Jackson‘s “Dorrigo” has taken off around the world. As of the 5th July 2019 there has been 65 people learn this tune and share it on social media platforms and youtube. You can find the original recording on his solo album ‘Time and Place’.

“The best thing is that it’s this really community-based thing,” Jackson says. “I see complete beginners putting up their videos, and I also see musical heroes putting up their versions. Cathy Fink for example put up an amazing version.” (From an article by Rachel Krause on Old-Time Central).

To listen to all of the Dorrigo Challenge’s visit George Jackson on Facebook or search #dorrigochallenge on Instagram.

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