Dorrigo Showgrounds

25, 26, 27 October, 2019

Volunteer Info
& Application

Together with the Festival Committee we aim to run another smooth and enjoyable festival for all. To help us, we ask that as volunteers, you be helpful and friendly to all including ticket holders, performers, stage crew and your fellow volunteers.

Volunteer Agreement:

Please ensure that you understand what we expect of you as a Festival Volunteer.

  • All volunteers must be aged over 16 and under 70.
  • In return for 8hrs volunteering duty you will receive a Full Weekend Pass.
  • Please register at the Volunteer Hub as soon as you arrive at the festival to receive your Volunteer Wristband (there are no Volunteer Wristbands located at the Main Ticket Office). Ensure that your registration is completed with one of the Volunteer Hub Staff, and that you have received your wristband. Check for any last minute changes to the roster.
  • Before each shift you must sign-on at the Volunteer Hub. Allow yourself 10-15 minutes to sign on and arrive at your volunteer shift location for swap-over. You will receive either a high-vis vest or a lanyard (depending on your role) for the duration of your shift.  Sign-off at the Volunteer Hub after each shift has concluded and hand in your lanyard or high-vis vest.
  • Please wear your Volunteer Wristband at all times as this allows you access to all festival venues.
  • Familiarise yourself with the layout of the showgrounds prior to the commencement of the festival and your shifts-venues, food, toilets, Ticket Office etc. so that you are able to offer friendly and accurate directions to festival goers.
  • Volunteers who do not show up on time, cooperate or act responsibly will not be invited back to the festival as a volunteer and will be asked to pay for their ticket.
  • There is to be no smoking or consumption of alcohol or drugs while on duty. We ask that you eat before your shift and please have a drink bottle on you to keep hydrated!
  • Please note that after submitting this online form you will be included on our eligibility list but not guaranteed a volunteer position until you have been contacted at a later date by one of the Festivals Volunteer Co-ordinators. This process takes some time so we ask for your patience. Once it has been submitted you will receive an email confirming that we have received your application.
  • When selecting volunteers we consider your previous festival volunteering experience, your connection with the Dorrigo Community and your availability. However we do accept new volunteers.
  • You will receive detailed information about your Volunteer Position and Shifts when you have been selected as a volunteer.
  • We ask that no last minute changes to the roster are asked for as this complicates the entire system. Dire circumstances will be considered.

The roles

  • Welcome Staff: You are the first point of contact for the festival. You will be located at the entrances to the festival site. This is a customer service and hospitality role, you’re the friendly face of the festival as well as eyes and ears, so stay alert.
  • Clean-up Staff: Attend Rubbish Rooms, helping people put their rubbish in the right bin.
  • Festival Set up (Tues-Fri)/Pull down (Sun-Mon) crew: Includes physical work and logical thinking.
  • MC and Stage Managers: Experience required.
  • Electrical crew: Experience required. Set up in the days leading to the festival weekend. Shift times to be negotiated with the coordinator.
  • Venue Set-up: Experience required. Includes logical thinking and physical work.
  • Venue and Site Decoration: Experience required. Creative eyes preferred
  • Camping Staff: Directing campers as they arrive and checking they have paid for the correct site.
  • Performer Transport: Needed mainly for Thurs/Fri/Sun/Mon and later hours over the weekend. Must have a C class Licence that is current with correct DOB, expiry, name and address. You will need to scan your licence details through as an attachment with your completed Application.
  • Volunteer Hub Staff: To be on duty at the Volunteer Hub registering Volunteers as they arrive and giving them the correct Volunteer Pack and information.
  • Keep-cup Maintenance: Keeping an eye on the Keep-Cup Walls, collecting and washing dirty cups and returning to the walls.

Thank you for your participation! The DF&BF Inc. relies on our cheerful and responsive volunteer crew, and we hope you have a fun-filled festival!

Your Application

I have read, understand and accept these conditions and Volunteer Guidelines and agree to abide by them:
First Name:
Phone Number:
Last Name:
Your Email Address:
Your Address:
Name of Emergency Contact:
Phone Number of Emergency Contact:
Have you previously volunteered at the DF&BF:
If yes, in what capacity did you previously volunteer?
What is your availability over the weekend?
If no, what areas you have volunteered in at other festivals?
Experience and skills:
What is your preferred role?
  • - select an option -
  • No Preference
  • Welcome Staff
  • Clean-up Staff
  • Festival Set-up/Pull-down Staff
  • MC and Stage Manager
  • Electrical Staff
  • Venue Set-up
  • Venue and Site Decoration
  • Camping Staff
  • Performer Transport
  • Volunteer Hub Staff
  • Keep-cup Maintenance
Please tell us a bit about yourself:
Relevant health or physical conditions that could affect duties performed?

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