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A masterful blend of musical prowess, emotional depth and social commentary leaves Roman Jean audiences both entertained and intellectually engaged. Known for their poetic lyricism and authentic performances, Jean’s enduring legacy spans six solo albums under the moniker Bek-Jean Stewart.

With over three decades of performing across Australia and the US with a dynamic band of musicians, Jean’s performances oscillate between reflective and energised, provoking the listener to contemplate the world around them.

Every song delves deep into the human experience, and those who resonate with Jean’s songwriting are profoundly moved, finding solace in the emotive storytelling.
After being dropped from Trauma Records in the US in the mid 90s for simply refusing to change their lyric ‘I loved a girl’; Jean never hesitated to walk to the beat of their own heart, steadfastly resisting the stereotypical portrayal of women in the music industry.

Roman Jean is an artist unafraid to examine difficult thoughts and feelings, including death, fantasies of murder and suicide, addiction and gender identity. Among the tangles of these complex themes, Jean writes exquisite, personal stories about relationships to friends, self, animals and the planet. Some say a better love song would be hard to find.
Now At 50+ years, Jean embraces their gender and artistic evolution, openly unveiling the layers of their inner world and weaving lyrics that pour directly into the heart of the listener.
Their new album ‘Under Stars’ coming out October 2024 delves deeply into the theme of death, with Jean acknowledging its presence as a constant companion in life. It is also a dual expression of love for nature and a critique of those who harm her, delving into the collective grief that is felt by many.

‘Roman Jean arrives with the preparedness to walk on the edge of some kind of grandeur that rumbles within both soul and rock ‘n’ roll.’
– Bernard Zuel

Roman Jean

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