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Marcus Church and Paul Henderson, two of Australia’s top acoustic musicians, are featured in bands like The Inadequates, The Borough, The Shining Hour, Estampa, and the Haystack Mountain Hermits. They’re not only festival favourites, but they also love late-night jam sessions.

Driven by their passion for progressive acoustic music, Marcus and Paul deliver captivating duo performances inspired by artists like Punch Brothers, Hawktail, John Reischman, Wes Corbett, Andrew Marlin, Chris Thile and Julian Lage. Having studied with luminaries such as Bryan Sutton and Bela Fleck, they push the boundaries of traditional duos.

Marcus and Paul are excited to share the music they have poured blood, sweat, and tears into. So, come on down and brace yourselves for the roller coaster ride of RSI in the making, and the mental gymnastics of two fearless idiots attempting the near-impossible.

Marcus & Paul

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