Fireside Celts

Dorrigo Showgrounds

25, 26, 27 October, 2019

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Fireside Celts

Fireside Celts is a Celtic ensemble playing a wide range of Scottish, Irish and other Celtic melodies. Members are all locals who have a very strong ancestral linkage to Scotland and Ireland. The groups versatility is indicated by the range of tunes, dances and songs, both traditional and contemporary in the band’s repertoire. A wide variety of instruments are featured including:- Scottish small and parlour pipes, Irish Bouzouki and tenor banjo, harmonium, keyboard, whistles, guitars, mandolin, harmonica, fiddle and a range of percussion including foot percussion.

If you have a drop of Celtic blood running in your veins you will be invigorated by foot tapping jigs, reels, hornpipes, strathspeys and polkas. Your soul will be uplifted by haunting airs and ancient marches. No matter if you are from the green isle of the shamrock or the rugged highlands of the Scotch thistle you will enjoy our concert and the Celtic Ceilidh (dance) on Saturday afternoon. Don’t forget your dancing shoes!

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