San Miguel Fraser

Since 2016, María San Miguel and Galen Fraser have been teaching and performing together non-stop and at some of the worlds most acclaimed traditional music events. These events include Celtic Connections, Folkomillas, North Atlantic Fiddle Convention (NAFCO), The Barcelona Fiddle Congress, TON Medelpads Folkmusikförbund, Valley of the Moon Scottish Fiddling School, Centro Artesano Tradicionàrius (El CAT) and many more.San Miguel Fraser was born as a result of the 2020 quarantine and the creation of “Stay At Home Festival”. Thanks to the beautiful and universal folk community, they raised over $60,000 with the aim of bringing light to the world, maintaining morale and financially helping musicians around the world. The “Stay At Home Festival” family lives on today with San Miguel Fraser.Their music is a cocktail of Castilian freshness and Californian-Scottish originality. A spontaneous and fine style, with complicit looks that dare to do anything.

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