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Megan Hall Fundraiser

Date: 29 July 2017

Megan Hall Fundraiser 29th July with The PItts Family Circus, Barkersvale Brothers and Watling and Bates.

You can now start booking your seats for the fundraiser we are hosting on the 29th July to gather money for our beloved Megan Hall. Every single concert held at the hall has been a magical night and some heating for the hall will only make it more atmospheric and comfortable! Please join us with The Pitts Family Circus, Watling & Bates and The Barkersvale Brothers at 6pm for a shared meal and then a night of laughter and joy! This is absolutely a family/kid friendly event and we encourage any youngings to come along! Call 026657 1224 or 0428415078 to secure a seat/s!

29th july concert



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  • 29 July 2017

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