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John Flanagan, Liz Frenchman & Robbie Melville

John Flanagan 2016 640Another one of the admirable components of Dorrigo, and other small festivals, is the way the artists collaborate together and support each other. For example this year we'll see Liz Frencham sharing her recent work with Robbie Melville, supporting John Flanagan and also Fred smith.

This component applies throughout the weekend whether its in a jam or on stage. You never quite know who's going to be lending a hand. There is always going to be something unique in the concerts; a surprise element.

Combining 60s and 70s folk singer/songwriter influences with a contemporary Americana/bluegrass sound, " John Flanagan has proven himself a songwriting force to keep an eye on” (Timber and Steel).
John recently released his latest album, ‘There’s Another Way to Where You’re Going’ which was recorded in Nashville with producer Viktor Krauss and he has been touring to packed country halls, live music venues and intimate house concerts all around Australia and Canada.
Fred Smith Portrait by Geoffrey Dunn 2016 640He currently plays alongside festival favourite Liz Frencham (double bass/vocals) and bluegrass virtuoso Dan Watkins (guitar/mandolin/vocals) in a dynamic trio characterised by warm vocal harmonies and impressive acoustic arrangements.

A small town in rural Victoria was the accidental meeting place for Liz Frencham and Robbie Melville when they crossed paths in a café in 2013 and soon were seeking every chance to play together.

From their first rehearsal it was evident that a lengthy musical relationship was on the cards. The obvious chemistry between the pair is intensified by a willingness to never play any song the same way twice.
Frencham’s warmth is met by Melville’s beautiful harmonic dissonances, and every nuance is distinct.
LIZ AND ROBBIE 2016 640Liz has a ongoing, slowly-evolving collaboration with Robbie, she says it is is a seemingly bottomless source of joy and adventure. "We have tentatively emerged onto a couple of attentive stages this year but it still feels like an embryonic form of what we are capable of".

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